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Dermatology Introduction:

Dermatology is dedicated to the medical care of your skin. In a caring, comfortable and private environment, our dedicated skin care providers will treat you with common skin diseases and problems. We'll also teach you the key points of how to keep your skin healthy and to rejuvernate your skin.

Our medical staff are professionally experienced and have an overseas education background and can communicate in English and Chinese. To ensure patients have access to effective treatment, we use professional equipment and technology in our facilities . Guided by the "patient-centered" principle of service, we always adhere to high quality standards when serving patients of all ages and skin types.

Dermatology Services:

Allergic skin diseases
Pigmented skin diseases
Child skin diseases
Chronic skin disease
Infectious skin disease
Skin Screening
Acne-related skin problem

Dermatology Advantages:

Our doctors pay attention on our patients experience, before and after the treatment,we will assess the patients’ condition, personalized analysis of the patients’ medical history, find reasonable treatment plan, and targeted treatment of skin problems, we also have a strong nursing team who can take good care of patients during the whole process of treatment ,in the condition our doctors’ follow up for patients continuously.

We have long-term medical cooperation with skin specialists in many hospitals , which can provide face-to-face treatment, avoiding the difficulty to book appointments and to do medical treatment.

We also can provide you with efficient access to the other clinic and hospitals in a green channel, can be interdisciplinary diagnosis and treatment of diseases, saving you valuable time.


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