1、Responsible for medical quality control of clinic and outpatient department;
2、Disinfection and record of equipment and environment in operating room, warehouse out and classified storage of operating room and all other medical consumables, and inventory record;
3、Preoperative preparation, intraoperative table arrangement and postoperative arrangement, correct application of procedures, timely completion of all nursing work, see operation specifications for details;
4、The sense control management, equipment disinfection and sterilization, medical waste and sewage treatment management of outpatient department and clinic;
5、Operation of skin management project in outpatient department and clinic and doctor's treatment assistance;
6、Strictly implement all rules and regulations and technical operation procedures;
7、Assist the superior to complete other work。
1、College degree or above, major in nursing, 22-40 years old, more than 2 years of hospital nursing experience, medical experience or operating room work preferred;
2、Have nurse practice, qualification certificate, can register in this organization;
3、Have service marketing meaning and good communication ability。

Fresh nurses

1、Matching and assistant treatment of Dermatology Department;
2、Other related nursing work。
Job requirements:
1、About one year's working experience as a nurse;
2、Welcome to graduating nurse。


1、Fully communicate with customers and fully understand their needs. Use your own professional experience and aesthetic standards. Carry out comprehensive aesthetic evaluation and scheme design for customers, and lay a good foundation for subsequent development;
2、Do a good job of communication and cooperation with doctors. Communicate with doctors in advance according to customers' needs;
3、Inform the client before operation. Explain the key points in the notice to the customer one by one;
4、Maintain customer relationship, keep communication with new and old customers, increase customer service stickiness。
Job requirements:
1、More than 3 years working experience as a consultant in medical and beauty institutions;
2、Priority of nursing background;
3、Good communication and coordination skills。

Consultant Assistant

1、Cooperate with on-site consultation, carry out face assessment for customers, develop customers' needs by exploring problems, and propose treatment plans of the day and long term;
2、Customer's return visit and postoperative care;
3、Regular and irregular care of regular customers。
4、Complete CIQ medical history filling, treatment evaluation and record of management software, explanation and signing of informed consent, explanation of charging method or package and cash in before treatment implementation, taking photos, explanation and signing of precautions, delivery of guest documents, on-site feedback, wechat shall not neglect or reverse key links such as photos。
Job requirements:
1、More than 1 year of power grid consulting or on-site consulting experience in medical and American industry;
2、College degree or above, medical major is preferred。
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