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Insurance and direct payment services

PHI medical clinic accepts health insurance plans from most major insurance companies. Our insurance company directory is updated frequently, if your plan is not in the list, please call us.

How can you use insurance in our clinic?

We'll provide your insurance company with your bill for each visit, and you'll need to pay the self-pay portion and the deductible portion of your medical bill, as you did at other clinics. The amount paid by the insurance company depends on the health insurance plan you hold. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, please call the phone number on your insurance card. The self-pay portion of payments can be paid by check, debit and credit card.


our clinic only provides one insurance company's direct billing service for each patient.

What if I don't have insurance? No problem.

At PHI clinic, we believe that modern, high-quality care should open the door for everyone, including uninsured patients. Our cost structure is simple easier to stop speculation about the pricing of medical services, so you can come to see you doctor at any time without exceeding your budget. Whether you need to see a doctor, or treat a disease, our fees are reasonable. To make it easier for you to pay for your visit, we accept payment methods for cheques, debit and credit cards.


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