Introduction of Internal Medicine

The Department of internal Medicine is designed for disease prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment for adults. As your personal physician, a physician can also provide treatment for adult patients. If your condition needs to be treated by a variety of specialists, the physician can also coordinate your referral.

Internal Medicine Services:

We offer outpatient treatment in the following specialties:
Featured services:
Endocrine imbalance
Metabolic Syndrome
Sleep Disorders and Sleep Problems
Heart and body imbalance

Our Advantages:

Our internal Medical strictly follows chinese govenment requirements and JCI standards and evidence-based medicine principles to provide you with safe, high-quality comprehensive health care services.

We use minimally invasive methods to treat and operate for you, with small trauma and rapid recovery. The length of hospitalization for surgery services is short, and most operations require only half a day or one day of hospitalization.

At the same time, we can provide you with continuous multidisciplinary medical services, high-quality postoperative care including personalized pain management, psychological and physical complementary treatment and follow-up services provided by your attending physician. Good pain control can help patients reduce discomfort and pain.

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