Gynaecology Introduction

PHI Medical Clinic Gynecology provides high-quality health care to meet the different needs of women of all ages. In a warm, caring and patient-centered environment, we offer a one-stop, comprehensive medical service.

A team of gynecologists, anesthesiologists and nurses is professionally trained to provide women with a full range of health care services, including female health care and routine examinations.

gynecology can treat pregnancy, gynecology, and through the green channel to hire well-known experts to perform surgery. regardless of nationality, language and cultural background.

Gynecology services:

We provide women's health services, including but not limited to:

  Adolescent Health
  Annual health check-up
  Cervical cancer screening (cervical smears)
  Family planning and contraceptive guidance
  Pre-pregnancy counseling
  Menopause Health

We also can diagnosis and treat different kind of gynecology disease ,including but not limited:

  Abnormal cervical smear examination
  Emergency contraception
  Gynaecological infection
  Early infertility assessment and diagnosis
  Sexually transmitted infections
  Treatment of menstrual disorders

Benign gynecological surgery

  Endometrial tissue examination
  Electric sarcasm (LEEP)
  Fallopian tube ligation
  laparoscopic/uterine mirrors

Gynecology advantages:

We use minimally invasive methods to treat and operate for you, with small trauma and rapid recovery. The length of hospitalization for surgery services is short, and most operations require only half a day or one day of hospitalization.

At the same time, we can provide you with continuous multidisciplinary medical services, high-quality postoperative care including personalized pain management, psychological and physical complementary treatment, and follow-up services provided by your attending physician. Good pain control can help patients reduce discomfort and pain.

At PHI Medical Clinic, female patients can make appointments with the same gynaecologist for their visits, from daily medical care services to disease treatment, our gynaecologists are like your family doctor, your gynaecological health status is fully understood, can provide you with high-quality medical services and careful care.

Reservations: Every Friday 10:00-18:00
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